ArtLink is the leading international consultant in providing art collections for upscale hotels, cruise ships, and private residences worldwide.


Partnering up with designers, architects and hoteliers, ArtLink brings the most ambitious ideas to life and creates unique works of art for any venue.


An extensive global network of over 4000 artists and artisans developed over two and a half decades has allowed ArtLink to succeed in more than 140 projects in 35 countries. ArtLink prides itself for never compromising on quality, artistic integrity, budget or schedule.



ArtLink was founded in 1996 to launch a global art market segment for young and emerging artists. ArtLink’s partnership with Sotheby’s in 1997 for the ArtLink@Sotheby’s International Young Art Program had culminated in both the largest segment of the art market, by number of transactions and participants, and the largest international artist network to date.


The ArtLink@Sotheby’s International Young Art program introduced thousands of works by young emerging artists to the art market. Sold-out auctions were held in Amsterdam, Berlin, Chicago, Moscow, New York, Tel Aviv and Vienna to great applause. In 1999, CNN deemed ArtLink's work "the most exciting development in the art market in decades." 


In 2004 ArtLink concluded its project with Sotheby’s, having fulfilled all of its goals. From then on, the company set out to find yet another new way to “Art the World”.




Since 2020 ARTCONSUL has been an exclusive official representative of ArtLink for Eastern Europe.


Working with designers, architects and hoteliers, we create unique artistic concepts tailored for each project individually.


ArtLink’s focus on working with emerging artists and artisans produces unique collections that merge modern art and local traditions. This approach allows us to support young artists while nourishing local crafts and authentic cultures across the globe.

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